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The GUI version 1.0 release

» 3 June 2012

Almost all the web developers are confident working with operating system consoles since they often have to configure both web servers and database servers. Therefore, the lack of GUI software isn’t critical for programmers. So did we, working with Neor Profile SQL as a black box with scrolling text In it. However, gradually we came to the conclusion that the output information is to be sorted, saved and analysed. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to do this using the console, and finally a version for the window interface has been developed. The application is cross-platform, enabling any programmer to work with it, regardless of the preferred operating system. Nowadays the software supports the three main branches as Windows, Mac OS and Linux (which is a Debian version). Now the Neor Profile SQL v1.0 main window looks like this: The functionality and the features are described on the website.




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