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Supported languages

Multilanguage support: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Português, Русский. The software may be translated into other languages.
Contact us if necessary.

Supported OS

The application is cross-platform, compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Database requirements

MySQL® 5+, MariaDB 5+, Percona Server 5+

The profiler features

Neor Profile SQL is the solution for developers wanting to profile the MySQL queries. This software allows the tracking of all queries to MySQL server from your application or website.

Helpful use of the SQL profiler

  • It shows how your application uses the database
  • It optimizes the SQL queries
  • It reduces the number of queries to the database

Main features

  • The total statistics of strings being received and sent by the database
  • Counting all the queries
  • Displaying the time spent per query
  • The slow queries detection
  • Displaying the detailed code of all the SQL queries
  • Showing the desired session in separated tab
  • Saving the sessions for further comparison of the results

Screenshots v3.0

Main window with statistics
Catch query flow
Tracked sessions
Session details
SQL editor
Explain query
Profile query

Connections to a database
Compare sessions
Session query replays

Comparison of the features with other profilers

User-defined taskNeor Profile SQLMySQL command PROFILINGJet Profiler
Show absolutely all the queries
Count the total number of queries to the database
Show the detailed code of each SQL query
Sort the queries by the processing rate
Sort the queries by the number of strings being received
Sort the queries by the amount of data being received and sent
Allocate the session to separated list of queries
Save the session with queries for further comparison
Show the load graph of all the database
Show the load graphs of each session
SQL editor
Find SQL query replays
Explain SQL query
Detailed profiling query
Export session to CSV/XML file
Filter queries in Session New!
Catch error sessions and queries New!
Advance DB monitoring New!