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Supported OS

The application is cross-platform, compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
windows 8, mac os x, linux ubuntu

Database requirements

MySQL® 5+, MariaDB 5+, Percona Server 5+


MySQL profiling tool
for tracking the SQL queries

The Neor Profile SQL helps developers to profile connections to MySQL database. Lots of programmers face a situation where a large project requires optimization. This process is much more complicated if the code is confused and does not contain a single entry point for accessing the database. This tool resolves those problems.

Full control of SQL queries

The tracking of any application according to its queries to database is possible.

Critical points detection

The queries causing the maximum load can be detected.

Database queries optimization

The points requiring optimization are clear after profiling.

Easy installation and operation

The software is compatible with the popular operating systems.

How does profiler work?

mysql profiler works as proxy
The Neor Profile SQL is an application that intercepts all the queries from the client and works as a proxy server. This technology allows you to take control of the whole access to the database and to identify the bottlenecks in queries.

MySQL profiler

Many software developers, both web programmers and lots of other users, operate with the MySQL database server. It’s extremely popular due to its quality, stability, open-source code and freeware license. MySQL database is compatible with various operating platforms (e.g., Linux, FreeBSD, Windows), its installation and operation is pretty simple. However, these features cover some hidden problems. The first is administrative tools that aren’t included in the basic installation pack. In this case, various software is helpful, e.g., PhpMyAdmin (web), Adminer (web, alternative to PhpMyAdmin) or HeidiSQL having a window interface but operating under MS Windows only. Later on, the MySQL team has released the MySQL Enterprise Edition with administrative tools included; however, this software version isn’t free and the regular fees are to be paid for its maintenance. And even after that the software developers don’t feel comfortable working with it and have to be very careful controlling the software development process. The MySQL Enterprise Edition installation pack doesn’t contain the tools for queries profiling and debugging. Its SQL commands for MySQL database record the queries between the points A and B but this feature isn’t useful at all.