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The donations can be sent through PayPal. These funds will be used in order to develop the further versions.

Every person or company who donates more that $10 will be posted on the website as our sponsor. Thank you!

About us

Neor is a company that specializes in creating websites and applications for the Internet. In 2008, we faced serious problems while maintaining the large Internet projects that have been developed by other programmers. Initially we worked with MySQL Proxy, a console application that creates its own scripts in LUA. However, it wasn’t useful and finally we decided to create an application with a window interface.

Neor Profile SQL is a freeware product intended for developers working on the optimization of their websites and programs. We would appreciate your help in our work.

The team


  • Victor Zubrilov
  • Nikolay Lisienko


  • Vadim Zhminkovsky


  • English - Andrew Capstick, Nikolay Lisienko, Tijmen Kivit
  • German - Tatiana Chervova
  • Chinese - Song Feixue
  • Spanish - Emilio Melgarejo Kalinin
  • French - Romain Austin
  • Portuguese - João Afonso