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Analysis of large SQL queries

» 27 March 2013

In Neor Profile SQL earlier than 2.0 large requests go through. The client application receives the data and works correctly, but will not display the details of the session. This means that the developer in analyzing the queries could miss some large queries. Such requests can be read or write binary files in the database. In the latest update of the program, this problem is solved. Now the restrictions will cover only limitation is the size of packets in the settings of the MySQL server. Also pay attention to the small but very handy feature. The details of the session if you double-click, it opens a tab with the SQL editor. Where can to get the data from the database, profiling or Explain query. Briefly about the new completions: — Support for SQL queries over 1MB — Changes in the connection mode — User interface improvements — Improved export to external files CSV \ XML Language files are expanded with two languages ​​(Portuguese and French). Neor Profile SQL now supports seven languages.




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