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Version 2.0 release

» 12 March 2013

We grad to introduce for you new version Neor Profile SQL v.2.0.
This is a useful profiler for MySQL, which is particularly useful for sites.
Architecture version 2.0 is completely redesigned and now catching of sessions is very fast, with a bit delay. In the new version, we have realised a long-awaited opportunity to query analysis through Explain. In addition to measuring the speed, programmers can now determine the cause of the delay request.

What's new in version 2.0:

1. Faster analysis sessions (up to 4x)
2. Ability to connect to multiple servers through Connection profiles
3. Analysis of a query (EXPLAIN)
4. Profiling query (PROFILE)
5. Improved SQL Editor
6. In connection methods added mode "Socket / Named pipe"
7. In connection mode added compression protocol
8. Interface improvements




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