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Comparison of MySQL structure synchronization tools

» 19 October 2012

Working with MySQL-supporting web projects, the developers sooner or later face a situation where the new tables and table properties are to be added to the existing project.

This operation can be performed manually, analysing the text dump bodies of the two tables. However, the manual procedure is time-consuming. It requires several following steps: dumping structure of a single database, dumping the structure of another database and then comparing them with a software like Winmerge or other console tools looking for the differences between them.

A special tool is required for quick synchronization with further and storing the update file in a separated location. Unfortunately, the popular HeidiSQL 7 manager is unable to compare the properties of the tables. It can only define the presence or absence of the source and target tables.

We have tried to compare some popular programs for MySQL structure synchronization.

SQLyog 10 Enterprise

Navicat for MySQL 10

Devart dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL

EMS DB Comparer for MySQL

Datanamic SchemaDiff for MySQL 2011

Redgate MySQL Compare
Saving connection profiles
Connectivity via SSH
Intuitive Interface
Multilanguage interfacefewfew
Visibility of tables of source and target
Choosing the right pieces in tables
Choosing the right pieces in update SQL code
SQL structure view in update code
Save update SQL code into file .sql
Execute update SQL code
OS SupportWindowsWindows, Mac, LinuxWindowsWindowsWindowsWindows
Price99$from 79$80$from 47$99$195$
Website URLSQLyog 10Navicat for MySQL 10Devart dbForge Schema Compare for MySQLEMS DB Comparer for MySQLDatanamic SchemaDiff for MySQL 2011Redgate MySQL Compare

Measuring the features set and convenience, the SQLyog 10 software has been admitted the best.




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